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      ...I may love a woman very deeply, but as soon as I want to own her, I am attached, and I don't want to let her go.  No matter what I do, she is free, and every time she walks away from me, if I am attached, it's going to hurt.  If I am detached, I respect her freedom.  She can do whatever she wants to do, and it doesn't hurt me at all.
     By being detached, I respect my own freedom, as well...

     For all of our life we have carried a corpse with us.  That corpse is what we believe we are; it is the human form and all those distorted images we identify with.  It is dead and heavy and it rules our life, but we don't want to let it go.  We know our limitations, we know how to suffer, we know how to react with jealousy, with anger, and all that emotional drama makes us feel secure.  As we said before, letting go of what we know, of what we believe, always creates a little fear and anxiety because we are going into unknown territory.

     We don't have to attach to our beliefs.  If we are not attached to our beliefs and a better concept comes to us, we can let go of the old concept, adopt the new concept, and improve our life much faster.  We can let go of the distorted images we identify with.  We can detach from the agreements and beliefs that limit the expression of our creativity and our love.  This frees our energy to create a new dream.  And what we create is a masterpiece of art: our own life.

--Don Miguel Ruiz
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