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shape of space

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2012, 23, 3, 5, air, akira kurasawa, alex grey, alexander shulgin, alfred bester, ang lee, animals, animation, anime, art, artificial life, babylon, bach, barefeet, baths, bicycling, biology, blakes 7, body, books, brain, buckminster fuller, buddhism, camping, cephalopods, cereal, chemistry, chi gong, chicago, chocolate, clan of xymox, computers, cooking, cosmos, cybernetics, death, dennis mckenna, dreaming, earth, education, egypt, entheogens, everything, fibonacci, film, fire, fish, flutes, food, forests, fractals, gaia, genetic programming, glass, gnosticism, go, go seigen, healing, hemp, herbs, hiking, history, hugs, huun huur tu, i ching, infinity, intentional communities, ishida yoshio, john allegro, jorge luis borges, jrr tolkein, k eric drexler, kato masao, khoomei, kung fu, kurt godel, life, love, manga, math, mc escher, metaphysics, mind, mindfulness, movies, music, nanotechnology, nanowrimo, neurophysiology, noam chomsky, nothing, oliver sacks, oly, ontology, peanut butter and jelly, phi, philip k dick, physics, plants, play, politics, reading, roald dahl, robots, rumi, salam pax, science fiction, sex, sexy neurology, sirius, smiles, soundtracks, space, spheres, stanley kubrick, star frontiers, stephen jay gould, stephen laberge, sushi, synergetics, tai chi, tantra, taoism, tea, terrence mckenna, time, toshiro kageyama, toys, trees, triangles, ur, ursula k leguin, various artists, vegetables, venosa, vernor vinge, volunteering, walking, water, william gibson, wood, writing, yin yang, yoga, yuen wo ping, zen